Our Family:
Full timePhone Sales Person and Account ManagerJerusalem
Full timeNLP Algorithm Developer‏Jerusalem
Full timeמתאם/ת שיווקJerusale
Full timeQA testerJerusalem
Full timeGlobal Call Center Sales ManagerJerusalem
Full timeDesigner for DigitalJerusalem
Full timeAutomation DeveloperJerusalem
Full timeBusiness Development Manager (Italy)Milan/Rome
Full timeBusiness Development Associate, Government & Strategic AccountsNew York
Full timeSpeech Recognition Algorithm DeveloperJerusalem
Full timeJunior Software TesterJerusalem
Full timeSoftware DeveloperJerusalem
Full timeComputer Vision Algorithm DeveloperJerusalem
Full timeSenior Algorithms DeveloperJerusalem
Full timeSenior Software DeveloperJerusalem
Full timeBusiness Development Manager (Benelux)
Full timeDistributed Computing EngineerJerusalem
Full timeSecurity ExpertJerusalem
Full timeData ScientistJerusalem
Full timeExperienced Android System EngineerJerusalem
Full timeData CollectionJerusalem, Israel
Full timeEmbedded Software EngineerJerusalem, Israel

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